Request for Charitable Donations or Sponsorship


We have reached our limit for donations in 2018 and are no longer taking requests for this year. 

Merry Makers works with a number of charitable organizations and values being involved in community events. Due to the nature of our business, we receive many requests for our services and have had to limit what we can offer for charitable purposes.  Please consider these other points when requesting donations:

  • Saturdays are not available for donation of services.
  • Because we offer services, there are no tax benefits available to us when donating our rentals and performers.
  • Our inventory and staffing is limited. What we donate becomes unavailable for use in our business operations.

For donation requests which we are unable to accommodate, we may discuss special pricing options for organizations designated as 501c3. Ask us about ideas for promoting your event sponsors using our amusements.

Please complete the information below. All requests must be received 2 months before the event date. Sending a request does not guarantee a donation.

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