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Let the races begin! Rent a set of burlap sacks to play the classic sack race game. In addition, very useful for a 3-legged race game. Perfect for picnics and birthday parties!

  • Set includes 10 burlap sacks.
  • Heavy duty burlap for the serious racer.
  • One size fits all.
  • Available for delivery or customer pick up.

Extension cord use: No
Attendants: (1) Customer provides or hire our staff.
Best for ages: 5 years to adult
Throughput: Varies
Note: A great lawn game add-on to our other games and inflatables. Best used on grass. Gym floors are too slippery.

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BURLAP SACKS (Gunny Sacks)

BURLAP SACKS (Gunny Sacks)

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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: Varies
Space Needed: Varies

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