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You'll get a kick out of this larger-than-life soccer and pool combination. In Human Billiard, a.k.a. soccer pool, you use your foot as the pool cue stick. Kick the white cue ball to hit one another ball into the hole just like in billiards. Play teams, 1-on-1 or by yourself.

  • Features soccer balls that look like billiard balls: solids and stripes.
  • Vinyl floor included.
  • Play a variety of games like 8-ball, 9-ball.
  • Child-safe blower and a roof.

Extension cord use: Yes
Attendants: (1) Customer provides or hire our staff.
Best for ages: 5 years to adult
Throughput: 30-90 players per hour
Note: Use on a flat service. Not recommended for rain use.

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 30x20x2
Space Needed: 34x24

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