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There is a time-honored tradition of dunking people of title and significance. Merry Makers carries on that tradition with our quality dunk tank rentals. Dunk tanks are favorites for fundraisers or just fun! Hit the target and watch the look of shock on the dunkee's face as the seat drops them into the water (some may say, "colder the better"). The folding dunk tank is assembled on site using 6 panels, a vinyl bladder, target arm and backdrop. This means it can set up in locations the trailer-mounted dunk tank cannot, like a backyard.

  • View dunked person through large window on front.
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes.
  • Metal bars protects dunkee from thrown balls.
  • Holds about 400 gallons of water.

Extension cord use: No
Attendants: (1) Customer provides or hire our staff.
Best for ages: 8 years to Adult
Throughput: Varies
Note: Expect to take 60 minutes to fill. When you plan the location, remember to allow for thrown balls missing the backdrop and see what they might hit. Water drains where dunk tank is placed. Requires customer's hose and water supply. Do not leave filled dunk tank unattended.

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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: LWH 5x8x8
Space Needed: LWH 12x9x9

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