COVID-19 Safety Measures

Merry Makers is dedicated to safely providing play opportunities to our customers while providing a healthy environment to our guests and our staff.  To help ensure that commitment, we have undertaken the following training and protocols for everyone’s safe enjoyment:

Multi-Day Disinfecting Process

Our disinfection process uses the 2-prong attack of EPA recommended disinfectants and Time to kill the virus.  Adding a waiting period to our disinfection process helps ensure the equipment you rent is ready for virus-free fun.

Trained Staff

Our staff has been trained on appropriate social distancing techniques, hand washing and maintaining good hygiene.  They are also instructed on how to properly clean our equipment for the next customer to enjoy.

On-Site COVID Protocol

Your family’s health and safety are our #1 priority.  Our staff has been trained on reducing exposure risk by:

  • Social distancing from the arrival of our truck to our departure.
  • Being equipped with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.
  • Properly disinfecting any equipment after your event and before returning to our warehouse where it will remain Out of Service for multiple days.

Merry Makers has a 30 year history of adapting in our ever changing world.  We will continue to fine tune our guidelines and practices as the COVID situation evolves to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.   As always, we appreciate your business.

Thank you.

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