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Using alcohol-based inks, the airbrush artist creates waterproof designs that can last for 5-7 days or longer. Excellent for pool parties! Comes off with baby oil.

  • Using inks, our artists spray on the design using stencils.
  • Much faster than painting by hand.
  • Choose from a varied selection of designs.
  • Great for all ages of fun!

Extension cord use: Ask at booking, see note below.
Attendants: NA
Best for ages: 3 years to Adult
Throughput: 35-60 paintings per hour
Note: For the air, sometimes we use a compressor which requires electricity and sometimes we use a CO2 tank which operates without electricity. For most events we recommend the standard airbrush as it cleans easily. Anticipate the artist will need a table and two chairs.

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2 hour minimum charge



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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed: LW 4x5

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