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The Glitter Tattoo artist creates sparkly, long-lasting designs that take body art to a new level. Designs are waterproof and sparkle for days. Great for pool parties and glam parties.

  • Features glitter, approved adhesive and a selection of stencils.
  • Some parties will let the guests apply the glitter for added fun and creative expression.
  • Freehand application is available upon request.
  • Washes off with alcohol or baby oil.

Extension cord use: NA
 Best for ages: 3 years to Adult
 Throughput: 15 - 25 creations per hour
 Note: Anticipate each artist will need a table and two chairs.

Price: Get quote
 2 hour minimum charge

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    • Includes a matching pair of cornhole boards with the single hole on each.
    • Features 8 regulation bean bags.
    • Available for delivery or customer pick up.

    Extension cord use: No
     Attendants: (1) Customer provides or hire our staff.
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     Throughput: Leisurely

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    • Motorized game works off of included 9v battery.
    • One of our carnival tub game rentals available for delivery or customer pick up.

    Extension cord use: No
    Attendants: (1) Customer provides or hire our staff.
    Best for ages: 5 years to adult
    Throughput: 80 players per hour
    Note: May place on bench or table depending on height of participants. This game has legs to be free-standing, also. Prizes are available, contact office.

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    Test your grip strength and balance on this spinning, bucking bull party rental. An air mattress completely surrounds it for a softer landing if the rider releases their grip. Our trained operator controls the speed for both maximum enjoyment and safety. Ideal rental for western themed events.  Rate is for 3 hr rental including operator.

    • Shark theme is also available.
    • Inflatable air mattress with side walls.
    • Multiple speed buck, roll and spin motions.
    • Automatically stops if rider falls off.

    Extension cord use: No
    Attendants: (1) Staff included.
    Best for ages: 13 years to adult
    Throughput: 60 players per hour
    Note: Not available for rain use. Riders must sign waiver before use.

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    The straight Zorb Track rental offers an area designated for zorb ball racing. No need to worry about stopping yourself or rolling down a hill. The track keeps players in a contained area allowing them to test their own agility and balance. The inflated end walls offer some give so the riders are able to reverse direction easier and safer. Zorb relay races are a great team building activity.  For a more competitive track for teens and adults we recommend our Zorb X-Track with crossover lanes.

    • Track is 75 feet in length.
    • Side and end walls keep players on track.
    • Human-powered party rental.
    • Center barrier helps keep players in their own lane.

    Extension cord use: No
    Attendants: (2) Staff provided
    Best for ages: 5 years to adult
    Throughput: 40-100 players per hour

    Price: Add to Cart for Quote

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